Who am I?

I was an entrepreneur at a young age selling commercial real estate in the Midwest, back when it was more of a “mans” good old boy arena in the commercial world.  I moved to California in my 20’s and decided this is where I wanted to establish roots.  I loved the weather, the people and the feeling of being able to do anything…..nothing was impossible!

A few little known facts about me:

In my 20’s

I was one of a handful of successful, female marlin fishermen in Southern California with several write ups in Western Outdoor news. I owned a successful interior design company for many years in my 20’s and managed the second largest Ethan Allen in the US.

In my 30’s

In my 30’s I returned to my love of medicine with my pre-med background working for successful companies such as Abbott, Eisai and KCI.  I worked in both human and animal health calling on the top Vet schools in the US such as UC Davis and Colorado State.  I worked with physicians and Vets in the OR instructing them on anesthesia and new medical devices.  I was also fortunate enough to train the Army and soldiers returning from combat in Iran with their animals, as well as animals at the zoos throughout the Western US and the horses at Del Mar racetrack.

In my 30’s I was blessed with the most significate event of my life , the arrival of my daughter.  Life slowed down from the constant traveling. I decided that busy moms needed a “one stop shop” for shoes, clothing and accessories, so I opened a baby store in Newport Coast.  We sold brands such as Diesel, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Blumarine and Versace in addition to regular designers.  My daughter was more than happy to spend her early years growing up around 1000’s of stuffed animals and toys!

My 40’s – Today

They say life comes full circle and so it has!  My daughter will soon be going off to college and I am back selling Real Estate again.  As part of my every evolving education, I went back to school and got my broker’s license allowing me the freedom to work for myself if I so choose.  I also went back to school (having an innate love for medicine) and got my esthetician’s license.   I recently opened up a medi-spa called Skin-Sational Medical Spa in Lake Forest, CA.  We specialize in medical based facials and procedures.  You also see that I have successfully sold Avon over the past decade with clients numbering in the thousands!  My love and success with AVON has allowed me the financial means to pay for my daughter’s education these past 10 years.  I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to supplement their income and work their own hours or even as a full time career. My first year with Avon I earned over $40,000!

So who is Jacqueline Chase?  A friend once said I am a real estate broker.  Yes, I am, but so much more than that!  I am a Real Estate guru, a licensed Esthethetian, a working women in the 20th century but most importantly a MOM.

Why would anyone in their 50’s go back to school to become an Esthetician?  I asked myself the same thing as I sat among 20 year olds in the classroom!  My background in pre-med and Biology coupled with my love of healthy skin and beauty led me to further education in skin care.  I had worked with several plastic surgeons as well as dermatologists for many years prior, so I understood the difference in what products really worked on different skin types and which were just hype in a 500 billion dollar industry.

There is a huge need for knowledgeable, trained professionals in the area of skin ranging from acne to the ever-growing aging population dealing with fine lines and wrinkles. Our environment as well as diet plays a key role in fighting free radicals that are so prevalent now with the depletion of the ozone.

Gone are the days of giving a young patient Accutane as a broad treatment for acne.  Patients and parents want more natural, organic options as well as diet coaching to help prevent breakouts.  Regular facials, the right diet and products can help over 40% of the acne patients I see at the Medi-Spa.  There are patients that truly need Accutane; however, it is great to have non drug options as well for younger patients.

By 2025 the beauty industry is projected to toggle just over 800 billion dollars, with the U.S. being the world’s largest with about 20% share followed by China at around 13%.  Many opportunities exist to make a difference in so many people’s lives in both their confidence and beauty.  Being a part of such an exciting industry in today’s world is gratifying and rewarding for me.  It’s truly a blessing to be helping others!